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Solution to two problems of corrosion and non heat in finned tube radiator
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The problem of tube oxygen corrosion of finned tube radiators has always been a key problem to be solved in the industry. If you want to solve the problem of fin tube corrosion under the condition of oxygen-containing medium, it is very important for the existing technology development. However, the current management level and financial conditions can avoid the problem of internal corrosion of the fin tube.


When designing the heating system of the finned tube radiator, it is necessary to avoid mutual circulation with oxygen as much as possible, and to be sealed as much as possible; when replenishing the finned tube, try to perform deoxidation related treatment; in the finned tube When the radiator stops heating, it should be fully maintained by dry method or deoxygenated water. In addition, when testing the pressure of a newly installed finned tube radiator, whether it is a hydraulic test or adding a solvent, a non-toxic rust inhibitor should be used.


With the continuous innovation of technology, finned tube radiators have been significantly improved in many industries. With the continuous improvement of people's daily life, the use of finned tubes is increasingly required to be environmentally friendly. It is also believed that with the continuous update of technology, the problem of corrosion in the fin tube will also be effectively solved.


During use, if the finned tube radiator is not hot, check whether the water inlet filter is unobstructed, the inlet pipe is hot, the return pipe is not very hot, and the exhaust valve always releases warm water. In this case, the water filter should be loosened. If it is clogged, you can use a brush and clean water to wash it to solve the problem.


Check whether the exhaust system of the pipeline is normal, especially for users who have just installed or just finished refitting, check whether the high point of the pipeline and the exhaust valve set at the end of the pipeline exhaust the gas in the system; check the pressure of the system Is it large enough? There are many users in series with the indoor finned tube radiator. The finned tubes at the end are usually not hot enough. If the temperature difference between the front and rear groups is large, if it is not blocked by air, it must Check whether the system pressure is up to standard.

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