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The excellent performance index of finned tube as heat exchange element
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The finned tube is a typical heat exchange element. To a certain extent, it is to improve the heat exchange efficiency. Generally, fins are added on the surface of the heat exchange tube to increase the outer surface area of ​​the heat exchange tube, which can improve The purpose of heat exchange efficiency is such a heat exchange tube.


Finned tubes work under high-temperature flue gas conditions for a long time. For example, finned tubes for boiler heat exchangers are used in harsh environments , high temperature and high pressure and in corrosive atmosphere , which requires finned tubes to have high performance indicators. For example, excellent corrosion resistance.


In many cases, during the normal use of an item, the use of finned tubes presents unique environmental advantages, adds a lot of additional functions, and improves the use of functions based on the original facilities. Good and convenient way of use in our lives. 


The wear resistance is also a remarkable feature of the finned tube. When assembling some parts, the wear resistance of the fin tube will always help the equipment to have a durable use. Some necessary devices have no certain volatility during use. The real recognition ability of the finned tube lifting equipment also better reflects the more practical advantages under the protection of the environment.


The finned tube has the functions of high heat exchange efficiency and large heat dissipation area. The whole product has the advantages of long service life and wide temperature range. The product is widely used in petrochemical industry, economizer, waste heat recovery, greenhouse, power station boiler, Wood drying and other industrial fields. In the production process, the steel pipe and the fin are effectively wound and fully contacted. The heat dissipation area is more than 8 times that of the light pipe. The interior of the product will be smoother and the resistance of the internal water flow is relatively small.

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